"Brooks AFB Red"

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When my long time buddy and fellow Rose Rustler showed me the "Brooks AFB Red" rose, I could not believe that it was old. In fact, I though he was just seeing if he could get a picture of me "rustling" a modern Hybrid Tea. Boy, would that kind of evidence have been embarrassing! Imagine! A rose rustler making cuttings of a Hybrid Tea!

Brooks AFB Red


Then I got to thinking that Brooks Air Force Base (formerly Brooks Field) is a pretty old base. After all, my father was there on occasions during WW-II, and it is the site of the oldest military aircraft hanger in the United States ---- a survivor from WW-I. And, after all, the patina on the steps indicates that they have been there for a very long, long time.


Brooks AFB Red


And, after all, I do have my clippers in my hand, and it is a pretty nice looking rose.... and SNIP, SNIP.

"Brooks AFB Red" is a rather large rose with beautify formed dark, dark pink (almost red) flowers. It pretty clearly is a Hybrid Tea, but an early one. I suspect that it may turn out to be ‘Red Radiance’

Brooks AFB Red


I managed to root several specimens and they now live in a prominent location in our display garden.


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