'Old Blush CL'

(Pronounced: OLD BLUS-sh CLI-b-ming)


'Blush China' , 'Common Blush China' , 'Common Monthly' , 'Daily Rose' , 'Last Rose of Summer' , 'Monthly Rose' , 'Old Blush CL' , 'Old Pink Daily' , 'Old Pink Monthly' , 'Pallida' , 'Parson's Pink'

'Old Blush CL'

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'Old Blush CL' is the climbing sport of Old Blush. Its flowers are identical to the bush form of Old Blush but it is a vigorous climber that can reach heights of 20'. It blooms repeatedly all through the growing

It blooms repeatedly all through the growing , starting in early spring and continuing until nearly Christmas. The blooms of Old Blush are distinctively blousey and loosely double, and are slightly lilac pink, turning darker with age.


'Old Blush CL'

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A few years ago we planted four 'Old Blush CL' roses on an arbor in front of our greenhouse. Within about two months, the roses had grown to the top of the posts. By the next year, the arbor was covered with blooms.


'Old Blush CL'

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The experiment with 'Old Blush CL' was so successful in the full sun in front of the green house, that we built an even larger arbor in partial shade under the oaks at the end of the workshop. In a few months the roses were at the tops of the posts.


'Old Blush CL'

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Later in the summer, they were blooming profusely and the canes were arching downward toward the ground.


'Old Blush CL'

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The next spring, the 'Old Blush CL' roses had completely covered the arbor and were arching over with spectacular blooms. So now you know why our informal name for 'Old Blush CL' is "Godzilla, The Rose".


'Old Blush CL'

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'Old Blush CL' is a prolific bloomer, even in the shade, and it will amply reward any minimal care, even care bordering on total neglect. It is disease free and a "can't fail" rose that we often recommend for "beginners".



'Old Blush CL' is the climbing sport of the Old Blush rose was the first of the everblooming China roses to make its way to Europe.

It has been known in the west for almost 250 years, but it is one of the oldest roses, having been known in China for more than 1,000 years.

It is also one of the most valuable roses known because it has passed on its China characteristics of remontancy and a darkening bloom to literally thousands of other roses.




Cl Ch


Sport of Old Blush  






Date unknown.  


Unknown [ Unknown ]  


Height:    12 '     to    20 '           Width:    3 '     to    6 '

'Old Blush CL' is a vigorous climber that will rapidly reach heights from 12' - 20'.  


The foliage is dark green and pointed.




R - Repeat. 'Old Blush CL' is a consistent repeat bloomer that starts early in the season and finishes late. Along the Gulf coast, it can bloom for eleven months of the year.

The spring flush of blooms is tremendous and can rival azaleas. In the heat of the summer its bloom quality may suffer a bit, but it regains vigor in the cooler fall weather. Its reliability as a repeat bloomer gave it the name "Monthly Rose."

Flower Size:    3.00"      to      4.00"           Cluster Size:    5      to      7           Petal Count:    0 to 0          

The semi-double blooms are approximately 3" in size, loosely informal, and form small clusters.


The blooms of 'Old Blush CL' are a silvery lilac pink when they open, but with exposure to light, they change to a darker pink.


The flowers darken in response to exposure to ultraviolet in the sunlight.  


mf - Moderately Fragrant. 'Old Blush CL' is moderately fragrant, with a scent that is reminiscent of sweet peas or apple blossoms.


'Old Blush CL' forms numerous 1/2" spherical yellow-orange hips in the autumn.


Zones 7 - 9  


'Old Blush CL' prefers some shade and mulch to conserve moisture, and it will tolerate poor soils. Mildew may result from insufficient water. Light pruning or dead-heading is recommended to remove spent flowers.


'Old Blush CL' is easily propagated from cuttings.


    ** Tolerant of shade
    ** Tolerant of poorer soils
    ** Worth growing for ornimental value of hips
    ** Suitable for planting in woodlands settings

'Old Blush CL' is an extremely vigorous and fast growing climbing rose that is suitable for arbors, tall fences, pillars. It is aslo good for making unwanted structures disappear completely.


'Old Blush CL' was the first Antique Rose that I tried, and in my garden it has been given the informal nickname of "Godzilla the Rose."

I planted it as an 18" high little bush in late April under the edge of a large pecan tree, where it would be sure to have inferior growing conditions. By June it had shot up to a height of 8 feet.

So, of course, I gave it a haircut to make cuttings (all of which promptly rooted). Undeterred, Godzilla the Rose grew right back even higher by early August and sent out shoots as long as 6' to the side.

It was not exactly what you would call a tidy specimen, but vigorous beyond my wildest dreams. All of this was accomplished without benefit of fertilizer or soil amendment of any kind.

So it is a bit of an understatement to say that Old Blush, Climbing tolerates poor soils like the black clay crud around San Antonio.

Since that time, I have planted eight more 'Old Blush CL' roses that were cuttings taken from my original "Godzilla." The amazing growth pattern was repeated in each case, and with just a little encouragement, they bloomed profusely.


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